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Vietnam Delight-Tropical Fruit



With its reasonable price paired with a wonderful, compact, and perse selection of designs, the Vietnam Delights gift box will surely delight and please the recipient, making it an ideal and culturally meaningful choice.

Vietnam Delight - Tropical Fruit has its characteristic color of orange - Designs featuring orange often bring freshness, allure, passion, and strong impressions.


Simply open the package and enjoy.

Product Details

Vietnam Delight - Tropical Fruit 180g includes these 3 high-quality dried fruit varieties:

1. Dried Guava: With its sweet and fragrant taste, characteristic of ripe guavas. Rich in vitamins, minerals, and fiber, good for health. Soft and chewy texture, easy to enjoy.

  • Weight: 60g/bag
  • Flavor: retains the original taste of fresh guava.
  • Ingredients: 80% guava, 16% sugar, and other ingredients.

2. Dried Mango: Intense, rich sweetness is characteristic of ripe mangoes. Rich in vitamin A, beneficial for eyesight and skin. A perfect gift for mango lovers.

  • Weight: 60g/bag
  • Flavor: retains the original taste of fresh mango.
  • Ingredients: 95% mango, 3% sugar, and other ingredients.

3. Dried Pineapple: Harmoniously balanced sweet and sour taste, stimulating the taste buds. Abundant in vitamin C, boosts immunity. Brings a vibrant tropical flavor.

Weight: 60g/bag

Flavor: retains the original taste of fresh pineapple.

Ingredients: 80% pineapple, 16% sugar, and other ingredients.

Advantages of consuming Dried Fruits:

- Dried fruits retain their sweet aroma and do not become hard and dry.

- Dried fruits do not leak juice.

- Products are not fried in oil, so they do not absorb oil.

- Products retain their color and nutritional value.

- Longer shelf life.

- When consuming dried fruits, the body still absorbs all the nutrients, similar to fresh fruits.

- Products are fully certified by regulatory authorities.

- Production standards adhere to ISO and HACCP standards.

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