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Maison Gourmet Group was conceived by us in the early 2010s and officially launched at the end of 2011. Our 'house of gourmets' is a convergence of agricultural products and Vietnamese specialties. Nam meets export standards to the most demanding markets. We cultivate, search, and select the best ingredients combined with modern technology to create cool, safe local culinary products. safe, good for health.

Our Brands

Maison Gourmet is a brand of culinary gifts, fragrant teas and high-end accessories. This is where customers can find meaningful gifts to give to partners and friends at home and abroad. We always update the latest culinary gift trends, interesting suggestions in choosing gifts for special occasions of the year such as Valentine's Day, Mid-Autumn Festival, Christmas and especially Vietnamese traditional Tet. . In addition, Maison Gourmet is also a pioneer brand in the production and sales of products from Hibiscus fruit in Vietnam. This is the brand we have applied the philosophy 'Farm to table' - “From farm to table”. It is a concept that represents bringing safe and fresh products directly from farmers to customers under strict quality management. Our products Maison Gourmet all have certificates and meet USDA ORGANIC organic standards to ISO 22000 HACCP factory standards, food hygiene and safety, qualified to export to the most demanding markets.

On Passion

Each Maison Gourmet product is a combination of love for art and design, thereby helping us build a brand with traditional values, pure Vietnamese ingredients and materials. always respected, preserved and skillfully told in modern and new language, with the desire to bring customers interesting experiences, from which they can feel happiness and quintessence. Vietnamese culture on each product.

Our brands

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