Maison Gourmet Group is a place to converge and build brands for high quality Vietnamese agricultural products that meet export standards. Every product we create contains a lot of love and a relentless creative spirit over the years.

Our vision will be to create a chain of stores where customers will have interesting experiences, thereby feeling happiness as well as the cultural quintessence of Vietnam in each product.

Delivering Wow

Sharing happiness

And Vietnamese Culture

We have been building an ecosystem of brands and products to complement each other and grow.

First is the brand:


Maison Roselle is a pioneering brand in the production and sales of products from Hibiscus fruit in Vietnam. This is the brand where we have applied the philosophy "Farm to table" - "From farm to table"

We always support farmers growing Hibiscus plants in all regions of the country to improve their income. And since then, we have had the most beautiful and quality fruits to serve production.

Our Hibiscus products are extremely diverse such as: Wine, jam, fruit juice, cakes, and especially Hibiscus tea products that have met export standards to the Japanese market.

Besides its many health benefits, Hibiscus has many applications in creating extremely unique and personalized dishes and drinks. Therefore, our products are always trusted by many cafe chains and 4-5 star resort hotels across Vietnam.

Next is the brand:

DIEN VIEN – The Garden

Is a brand specializing in tea and dried fruits. Here we have many typical Vietnamese teas and dried fruits such as:  Thanh Tam Oolong tea, premium Lotus tea, mango, dragon fruit, guava, orange, pineapple,...all products are has certificates and meets export standards in the most demanding markets such as the US and Europe.

Next is the brand:


Is a brand of confectionery and chocolate. This is a brand where we cooperate with the most prestigious manufacturers in Vietnam to develop products and produce according to our exclusive formula.

And finally, there is a page specializing in culinary gifts and art accessories

MAISON TET– The Art of Gifting

This is where customers can find meaningful gifts to give to partners and friends at home and abroad. All are designs that are rich in Vietnamese culture but no less sophisticated and modern.

This is also the place to introduce and update the latest culinary gift trends, experience stories and interesting suggestions in choosing gifts for special occasions of the year such as Valentine's Day, March 8, Mid-Autumn Festival, Christmas and especially Vietnamese traditional Tet.

It can be said that we are one of the few companies on the market that can create a Tet gift box that is consistent in both product and design with the desire to bring customers the most perfect gifts at affordable prices. most reasonable price.

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