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Maison Gourmet Group was built with the desire to become a happy Company, creating and selling happy products. Maison Gourmet builds a happy working environment for each employee, so that the feelings from the working team will be 'packaged' into each product delivered to customers.

Tet gift boxes created by Maison Gourmet on holidays bring excitement, surprise and specialness. Each gift box carries a message of peace and luck sent from the sender to the recipient.

Hibiscus is a flower that symbolizes happiness. Therefore, Maison Gourmet creates and sells products from Hibiscus calyces. Each product is a messenger of happiness, reminding customers that "true happiness comes from within yourself and happiness is right now". Maison Gourmet has:

- Invest heavily in research and development activities for Hibiscus products. Maison Gourmet has had collaboration from many research experts both domestically and internationally.

- Sponsoring many major cultural and social events in the country such as: Accompanying OperationSmile Vietnam organization, Miss Universe Vietnam 2015 Contest, TP Bank World Golf Championship, Charity Golf Tournament and connecting Asian investments.

- Attended many domestic and international consumer goods fairs such as: Vietnam EXPO fair, Spring fair, agricultural fair, Charity Bazaar fair, Trade promotion fair in Myanmar.

- Bringing Hibiscus products into supermarkets and large chain stores in Vietnam: Vinmart, Sapomart, Fivimart, Aeon Mall, Highlands Coffee, Hollys Coffee, Lavida Coffee...5-star hotels: Pullman, New World (Saigon), Nikko (Saigon), Holiday Beach (Da Nang), JW Marriot Hanoi.

- Initially, the products also reached international markets such as Japan, Korea, Russia, America and Europe.

- Invest in creativity in unique and artistically designed products with meaningful content about love, people, homeland, and country such as: bronze drum gift boxes, banh chung card decks , deck of cards.

Media units have reported on Roselle:

- Vnexpress electronic newspaper

- Business & Law Magazine

- Business Style Magazine

- Shopping Guide Magazine

- Health+ Magazine

- Sketch Magazine (for the Japanese community in Vietnam)

- Vietnam Korea News (Vietnam Korea Times)

- Japanese VinaBoo Magazine

- Saigon Magazine and Marketing

- To Quoc electronic newspaper

- Marketing World Newspaper

- To Quoc electronic newspaper

- Marketing World Newspaper

- VTC Digital Television Station

Purchase address:

– Hanoi: No. 36 Nam Dong Street - Dong Da District - Hanoi City.
– Saigon: No. 200 Nguyen Van Huong Street - Thao Dien Ward - District 2 - Ho Chi Minh City.
Hotline: (+84) 90.741.8688
Tel: +84 4 351.62.962

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