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Mango Almond Chocolate 150g is a delicious and unique snack. It retains its color, flavor, and nutritional value. This product is suitable as a gift for various occasions like festivals and the Vietnamese Lunar New Year.

Product Details


Flavor: The sweet-sour, fragrant, and delicious taste of chocolate savored alongside a cup of tea on Tet day.

Enjoyment as: a snack or served to guests. It's also perfect as a gift for various occasions including festivals and Vietnamese Lunar New Year.

Storage: Keep in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight.

This ready-to-eat product should be used immediately upon opening.

Product Ingredients:

Sulfur Dioxide<20%
Moisture Content<20%

Advantages of using Dried Fruit:

- The fruit retains its original sweet aroma and doesn't become overly dry or hard.

- There's no risk of the fruit leaking juice.

- Since the product is not fried, there's no issue with oil absorption.

- The product maintains its original color and nutritional content.

- Extended shelf life.

- When using dried fruit, you still obtain all the essential nutrients for the body, similar to fresh fruit.

- The product is accompanied by all the necessary approval documents from regulatory authorities.

- Production specifications adhere to ISO and HACCP standards for hygiene and safety.

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