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The dried Hibiscus flower has a natural sour taste and red color plant with many health values.

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Product Description

Weight: 150g/box – 50 boxes/carton

(A box of dried Hibiscus flowers can make 60 - 70 cups of tea.)

Flavor: Natural tartness

It can be enjoyed with honey, stevia, ginger, etc.

The item is dehydrated from fresh Hibiscus blooms. Each 25kg of fresh blooms yields 1kg of dehydrated Hibiscus. It preserves the original tartness and natural red color of the Hibiscus.

Besides using it as tea, we can also utilize dried Hibiscus calyx as an excellent ingredient for cooking (to add natural tartness) or for making cakes and ice cream (to create beautiful natural red).

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Product Benefits

- Hibiscus is Excellent for Weight Loss and Blood Pressure Reduction.

- Hibiscus Efficiently Fights Aging Processes Within the Body.

- Hibiscus Enhances Skin Beauty and Guards Against Heart Diseases.

- Hibiscus Provides Electrolytes, Making it an Excellent Cooling Beverage.

- Abundant in Vitamins, Particularly Vitamin C Found in Hibiscus.

- Maison Gourmet's Hibiscus Products Meet Export Standards for the Japanese Market.

- Maison Gourmet Provides Comprehensive Test Certificates from Regulatory Authorities.

- Hibiscus Can Be Paired with Various Ingredients to Create Fascinating and Unique Dishes & Beverages.


Boil purified water at 100°C and pour it into a cup containing 3 - 5 pieces of dried Hibiscus flowers. Wait for 3 - 5 minutes until the deep red fades. Dried Hibiscus flowers have a distinctive red and sour taste. You can also add sugar according to your taste preference. To fully enjoy the health benefits of dried Hibiscus flowers, it is recommended to use natural sweeteners such as stevia (non-caloric) or honey. Dried Hibiscus flowers also taste better when infused with a few slices of fresh ginger.

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