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The Hibiscus fruit juice, originating from Hibiscus flowers, possesses a gentle natural tartness and a refreshing aroma, providing added vitamins to combat stress and fatigue. Significantly, it is devoid of any preservatives.

Chi Tiết Sản Phẩm

Capacity: 1000ml/bottle, 12 bottles/carton

Flavor: A uniquely mild and refreshing sweet-sour taste. It's especially enjoyable when the fruit juice is chilled.

Taste it as: You can use Hibiscus fruit extract as a daily beverage to quench thirst and provide additional vitamins to the body. Hibiscus can also be used as an ingredient in beverages and dishes

Hibiscus fruit juice is a product made using natural fermentation methods, without the use of preservatives or artificial coloring agents. After being hand-picked, each fresh Hibiscus fruit is carefully selected and undergoes a natural fermentation process with sugar. Hibiscus fruit extract preserves all the nutrients from the fresh fruit, suitable for all ages. The product has a natural red, a delicious and nutritious flavor, beneficial for the health of Vietnamese consumers.

Product Benefits

- Hibiscus is highly effective in weight loss and reducing blood pressure.

- Hibiscus effectively helps prevent the aging process in the body.

- Hibiscus contributes to skin beauty and prevents cardiovascular diseases.

- Hibiscus provides electrolytes and is an excellent cooling beverage for the body.

- It contains numerous vitamins, especially Vitamin C, in Hibiscus.

- Maison Gourmet's Hibiscus products meet the export standards for the Japanese market.

- Maison Gourmet possesses all the necessary testing certificates from regulatory authorities.

- Hibiscus can be combined with various other ingredients to create attractive and unique dishes and beverages.

Recipe For Unique Beverage "Roselle Sunset":

1. Ingredients

- 30ml Hibiscus syrup

- 60ml fresh orange juice

- 60ml soda water

2. Instructions

- Pour the syrup, fresh orange juice, and soda water into a glass filled with ice cubes, pouring gently to maintain the three layers of the drink. You will see the colors resembling a sunset.

- Stir gently and enjoy.

- The Roselle Sunset is visually stunning with its three layers of color and a delightful sweet and tangy flavor. You will surely be impressed by this unique taste.

NOTE: Return Policy

- Maison Gourmet accepts returns for all products under the following conditions:

- Damaged goods due to shipping, reported within 7 days of receipt => Replacement of the product, free shipping.

- Goods found to have manufacturing defects, reported within 30 days of receipt => Replacement of the product, free shipping, or 100% refund.

- Goods sent incorrectly in terms of item, and quantity, reported within 7 days of receipt => Addition of the correct item, free shipping.

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